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The Flying Scotsman is a design I really wanted to do, as I have a passion for railways, specifically the golden age of steam in Britain. The main challenge here was to create the engine and tender in 3DSMax with the intention of bringing this into Vue to create a railway scene. To see the process of this creation I've broken this down into the 3DSMax work and the Vue design. Once I imported the model into Vue I realized that my materials I had set up for Mental Ray were pretty much all gone. Therefore I had to apply new Vue materials to the model at which point I seriously regretted not naming all my elements in Max, it's hard to apply a material when you have to scroll through over 200 parts that are named cylinder 1, tube 2 etc. So from then on I named elements and grouped them. Once I had achieved what I thought were the best matching colors I set about using my original Where Trains Used To Run Vue file for this as it already had a track and bridge. I set up the model trying out two different camera viewpoints settling on the more "front on" image that was more dramatic. I changed the trees and flowers, added the fence and experimented with lighting and atmosphere. Finally I used some clouds for the smoke with final sharpening and color correction in Photoshop. Later on I added a version with wheel blur thanks to some feedback at Renderosity.

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