This is a reworking of my Future City One where I added water and set it in inside a giant space tunnel. 

I wanted the glass windows to be very large so they could reflect the detail in the scene. The idea was to show a sense of scale but in a space environment. I also wanted to try and some light effects as well as haze in 3DS Max. The haze was rendered in Max and extra lighting was added in Photoshop. I was tempted a lot more time on adding detail to the scene but deiced it was time to move on to something new. I have also included a different camera view with the spaceship high over the main "temple" or complex.

For those Blade Runner fans yes it's loosely designed on the corporation building designed by Syd Mead. Recommend a close up view for full effect highly recommend zooming in to see the detail, I definitely enjoyed making this piece but already thinking on what's next. Hope you like it!.

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04 December 2016
04 December 2016
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