Created in Vue with slight post work for sharpening, color correction etc. This was a reworking of a previous city design with the concept being a futuristic city with waterways and sculpted trees. As this design went along I had been using fractal terrains which were huge and constantly crashed Vue on a network render on just about any setting.

Once I changed the terrains to regular versions my render times dropped dramatically, so much so that I could ramp up the render settings to close to maximum and it still rendered out in under 12 hours, I even tried an Ultra render (first time I've used that) but for some reason, Broadcast and Ultra seem to wash the color out from the trees. One thing that did happen is I didn't have much of the sea on the right in my viewport and somehow I adjusted the camera by accident and then project took on a new life and look.

I regularly set off determined to create a design looking a certain way and the design will take me down a new road that I didn't expect. This design was published in 3DArtist Magazine, kind of small so you can't really get the depth of the piece, but it's always good to see your work in print.

3D Elements from Cornucopia 3D

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04 December 2016
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