Somer Snow was a rework of the original Somer design with the idea being to create a winter scene for our company Christmas card. I wanted to really bring out the feeling of a cold afternoon. I reworked a lot of the elements and had to change the snow as it was looking too clumpy. Also I wanted the water to look like it had a thin skin of ice indicating that in the stream the water was slow moving enough for ice to form. I added an omni light in the church doorway to help enhance the evening feel. Lots of post work in Photoshop to paint in the snow on the roofs of the buildings as the Vue models have a dark roof. I went through many variations on the coloring of the snow before I was happy. Lastly I painted in snow on the branches, church roof and steeple, added some smoke for the chimneys.

3D Elements from Cornucopia 3D

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This website is a gallery of my work and as I improve and learn more I'll display my new projects, hopefully this site will also act as a resource for new 3D and Digital artists.

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04 December 2016
04 December 2016
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